Histan Quick Tan 200 ml

Histan Quick Tan 200 ml


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All Skin Types

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All Skin Types

HISTAN QUICK TAN cream is not design to filter out the sun's rays, but it can greatly enhance the beneficial effects of the sun on the skin. Accelerates the tanning process. Gives a natural tan to the skin fitting the skin constitutive colour. It can be applied one or more time a day, before or during exposure to the sun.

Histomer Sun defence products protects the DNA of cutaneous cells, improve tissue resistance prevent inflammation, considerable reduce long term skin damage, the formation of deep wrinkles and development of photodermatosis. All products of Histan SUn Defence contain precious vegetal stem cell extracts.

Dermatologically Tested.

  • Homogeneous tan without patches
  • Quicker and more intensive
  • Deep, prolonged moisturazing
  • DNA protection



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